• Armors and Classes
    • Beta BerserkerSpecial Berserker class available only to characters who played in the Beta version!
    • WarriorThe heart of a warrior is filled with courage and strength. Your skills with weapons in close combat makes you a powerful force on the battlefield.
    • Dragonslayer GeneralCongratulations, you've proven your worth as a Dragonslayer and earned the right to call yourself a Dragonslayer General! Only the best of the best can quell the wrath of such impossibly powerful beasts and live to tell the tale.
    • LycanSo.. Who let the dogs out? Oh. You ARE the dog?… I sure hope your bark is worse than your bite. (Class will not go rare)
    • BloodkeeperA weaker warrior in the Nulgath Nation that starts its unending servitude by acting as grunts to the commander, but not the Archfiend himself, but their eight eyes are still remarkably intimidating.
    • RogueRogues follow their own set of rules. With a combination of speed, cunning and poisons you take your enemies by surprise.
    • MageWizard. Magic courses through your veins. Your arcane powers enable you to cast powerful spells
    • DragonSlayerDragonSlayers are quintessential melee fighters that have special skill for dragons. Simple, direct, and effective, they are masters of dragons.
    • NinjaNinjas are masters of stealth and the deadly arts!
    • DoomCasterAs rarely-seen type of wizards in the Shadowscythe army, Doom Casters are often known for their craft in quickly changing the seasons of the worst to curry their favor.
    • Blessed KarokThis golden celestial infused armor brings the owner a sense of peace and tranquility.
    • Pepto-PaladinLegend says that only those who wear the Pepto- Paladin armor are able to see the forbidden Yokai Chaos Beast, O-dokuro. But it's only a legend, Artix says...
    • RevontheusAs faitful subordinates to Nulgath, the Revontheus don't see themselves as slaves but rather loyal to their master!
    • Revontheus the GoodSubordinate to ArchBeing Nulgath, he serves his master and aids Dage the Good in stopping Alteon the Imbalanced.
    • Plate Of The Garnet DragonCrafted from the scales of the Garnet dragon, this armor will protect you in battle.
    • Bubble ArmorLittle siblings love to cause mischief. The childlike Bubble enjoys the taste of candy of any flavor, any kind, but rarely thinks twice before acting. This classy getup clearly displays a childish nature so be careful when putting it on. Bubble says you might feel an urge to act outside your age.
  • Weapons
    • Garnet Dragon Plate SwordThis elegant sword is crafted from the scales of a Garnet dragon for elemental resistance!
    • UnarmedCan you say martial arts? Now your HANDS are the deadly weapon!
  • Back Items
    • Garnet Plate WingsBeautiful red wings made from Garnet Dragon scales.
    • Wings of RevontheusOnce the Redemption Wings of Nulgath, Nulgath went back on his promise to his subjects and turned their blessed wings into a hellish nightmare.
    • Dark ScarfDark scarf goes with almost any outfit!
    • Queen Of Hope WingsBearing the feathers of a starcloud crane, this pair of wings can glide its wearer to safety from any danger that turn deadly just as quickly.
    • Blessed Karok WingsThese golden celestial infused wings brings the owner a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Helms

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