• Armors and Classes
    • PyromancerYou have focused all of your considerable energy into mastering the art of fire magic. The flames are now yours to control!
    • ArcherArchers can hit their enemy from long range to get archer class token /join eastforest.
    • Chaos Slayer MysticFor those who worship Chaos, and wish to wield its power.
    • Lore MasterNothing is so dangerous that it can't be conquered and controlled.
    • BloodkeeperA weaker warrior in the Nulgath Nation that starts its unending servitude by acting as grunts to the commander, but not the Archfiend himself, but their eight eyes are still remarkably intimidating.
    • SpellCasterWho need weapon when you can use magic?
    • Dark AcolyteThese Acolytes prefer the Dark side of things. Like good and bad, one cannot exist without the other.
    • DoomCasterAs rarely-seen type of wizards in the Shadowscythe army, Doom Casters are often known for their craft in quickly changing the seasons of the worst to curry their favor.
    • LightCasterThe Order of the LightCasters formed to support the Champion of Light, and need every mage available to fight the battle against Chaos!
    • Chaos WarriorThere are those who are controlled by Chaos and those who control it! You have BECOME Chaos, fighting to further its chaorrupted cause!
    • DragonSlayerDragonSlayers are quintessential melee fighters that have special skill for dragons. Simple, direct, and effective, they are masters of dragons.
    • Mystical WarriorHarnessing the power of magic and might, this magical warriors command the field and destroy enemies!
    • Naval CommanderThe highest ranking captain of all. Take control of the helm and your crews' bellybuttons!
    • Sentinel ArmorSentinels are powerful and elite defenders of Lore.
    • CardClasherYou received the Color Custom CardClasher Class from your purchase of the AdventureQuest Worlds Anything Goes Battleon Battlecards Card Game. But you probably knew that.
  • Weapons
    • Hydra RapierA keen blade paired with a keen Monster Hunter will make even the most ferocious Hydra turn tail to save its own neck.
    • Infernal Caladborg Forged in fire and bathed in blood, this blade will rip the rope hope, determination, and price pride
    • Oblivion Spear of Revontheus(Color Custom Trim) Even the holiest of beings fall at the power of this spear. Not even the champion of light has the ability to stop this weapon of destruction.
    • UnarmedCan you say martial arts? Now your HANDS are the deadly weapon!
    • Atlas Gatling GunThat's not a gun... THIS is a GUN! Forgo the pew- pew-pew for BRRUUP-BRRUUP- BRRUUP!
    • Undead Assassin SwordsSlice and dice your living oppenents when you wield these undead assassin blades!
    • Hydra BowQuick-draw your quiver! Ready your bow! Aim for the beast's head! Ready... aim... BOOM HEADSHOT!
  • Back Items
  • Helms

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