The Ultimate in Evil vs Evil Conflict

2 weeks ago

Evil and Good have clashed for eons, one side rising while the other falls. But when Evil turns against itself - when two immensely powerful scions of the Darkness face off - the Underworld becomes a battlefield and the prize will be... ALL the souls!For those who plan on staying neutral, or those who choose to fight only for themselves, then this war will be an opportunity to take home a huge haul - if you are strong enough to take it from those who have sworn allegiance!As promised, we’re releasing a Blademaster Assassin variant, Legion Blademaster Assassin! For Dage’s Birthday, you can too get this Class! Note this Class is GOING RARE and only for LEGIONEERS! Yes only ones who prove themselves to Dage can obtain this Class. Get it before it’s gone! How to get this Class: 3k Legion Tokens