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Rank Name Kills
1 ChristianXD 40
2 Mercy 35
3 indigo 30
4 xio 28
5 sQuare12 22

Ranking Rich

Rank Name DC's
1 raguellazo 370279
2 Exchow 110535
3 Zechariah 88693
4 siriwat 67889
5 fah 57862

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9 months ago

This Friday, December 29th, enter the Void and take on challenge monsters from our world and beyond - like the Xyfrag, the Reaper, Nightbane, and more! All of the monsters in /thevoid drop the resources to craft the Void Knight armor set ,Dewlok the Koofu Rider pet, and the Reaper's Scythe. You'll also have a chance to get regular and high-level reward drops


10 months ago

A peaceful afternoon reading holiday stories? Not for the moglins of Frostvale! It's time to WRECK the halls and to start the season off right, we've got a beast for you to slay, plus all the returning Frostval seasonal events and rewards! /join frostwar to begin battling choose wisely Help Karok Or Kezeroth both brother's becomes enemy.


11 months ago

Alpha Phase Begins We Have Fixed Some Error Which Were In Beta Phase And Now Help Us To Find Bugs In Alpha Phase And Make Server Great Again Check The New Redeem Code Here


11 months ago

I am looking forward to playing this release alongside you... literally. This boss fight is truly different from the others. It will just be you and I against Vordred. (However to team up with your friends using /goto and play it together) There are multiple endings... each ending has a different cutscene and unlocks a different reward shop. You must be at least level 20 to survive the battle.... unless you are REALLY good! It is always scary trying something new... so please have fun and tell us what you think. No matter what happens, I believe in you Hero!


11 months ago

Arena Map Has Been Released There will Be Monthly Different Item Available In It Even There Will Be Some classes Also. Defeat The Evil "The Masked Grieve Warthog". And Get Your Rewards !

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